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Celebrity in the House

( VIPs )

I have become a complete and total skeptic. I didn’t used to be. I used to be a literalist and the most gullible simpleton on the planet. Old me: Don’t waste your time telling me a joke; I won’t get it. Don’t kid with me and expect a laugh; I won’t figure out you’re kidding […]

Did You See…?

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Valentine’s Day lunch. Crazy day at the restaurant. People may be in love, but they are also hungry and surly, or surly because they are hungry. In comes a couple clearly not from my city–these folks look very West Coast. He–sunglasses, tight designer jeans, expensive T-shirt. She–the same, minus the sunglasses. We are just coming […]

Got Two

( VIPs )

So, now that I know you, can you get me a couple of tickets? Not that I would ever ask…

Hey, Aren’t You….

( VIPs )

The restaurant is located near one of our city’s major sports and concert venues. Our restaurant is busy all the time, regardless of an event, but it is even crazier when there’s a game or Bon Jovi’s in town. So it’s important for me to recognize the various VIPs. The first time the coach and […]