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Handshakes of Peace

He was the best of customers until he became one of the worst. He’s always been a pot stirrer, but it never directly affected me, until it did. And when it did, the slop he stirred spilled over the edge and seeped beyond my bar to the outer edges of this very small town. His […]

Alone in Time

“I’m going to your neighborhood this weekend to pay my respects,” said one of my regulars from two of the three bars I still tend. “Really?” I asked, knowing this would be quite a trek for him. “I’m getting on the bus and going there to be alone when I remember,” he nodded. “I don’t […]

Lost and Found

When you are one of seven children in a blended family, everyone is cast in a role repeatedly played out, despite all efforts to break free and re-create oneself. One sister, for example, was the clumsy one, something of which she was reminded every day, which resulted in continual mishaps that ranged from minor–a bruised […]

Mosquito Man

“Hi,” he said, way too awake and far too jovial for my morning crowd. “Let me introduce myself.” My regulars grudgingly looked up and silently acknowledged his presence, then immediately turned back to their styrofoam cups of dark coffee. “Can I get you something from the bar?” I asked. “No, no. I’m here to introduce […]

Time to Savor the Blossoms

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He was small, but tough. Very tough. And very small. When they needed someone to crawl through unimaginably tight spaces and fix, find or forage for what might keep them all alive another hour, he was their man. He was small and tough and very intelligent. He spoke with authority, certainty and complexity. He didn’t […]

Smallest Odds in the Smallest World

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“You look so familiar,” he said to RG Daughter as she poured his drink. “Really? I grew up here, and I live and work here now that I’m out of school,” RG Daughter said, well into the second hour of a freelance bartending shift. “No, no. Not here. Did you ever live in the Keys? […]

Three’s the Charm II

Add a third place of employment to your daily life, and you soon find that you live in an multi-layered netherworld of “almost” realities–almost feel like I live here; almost wish I could work more shifts there; almost wonder how the more things change, the more things remain the same everywhere. A very short list […]


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It was his 75th birthday. His 75th birthday dinner date had cancelled on him three weeks ago. My great guy and I finally had one full day off together on his 75th birthday. We had an opportunity to go fishing on our one day off together on his 75th birthday. “Is there a birthday boy […]

The Day the Stars Danced

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If only I had known the secret sooner, who knows what might have been these past few work weeks. Had I had known that leaving my house at 26 minutes after the hour meant that I would reach the draw bridge just as the gates went up and the lights turned green, I never would […]

Living Amongst Ph.Ds

The bar was sticky with splashed beer and spilled booze. Ashtrays were washed and stacked, except the ones that weren’t. Limes and lemons rotted in the hand-washing sink. Dirty beer mugs lay on their sides in the “wash” compartment. Straws and peanut shells and bev naps and a dime or two were trapped at awkward […]