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RG Son’s Week Off

My son does a fair amount of writing of his own, so I thought I’d share his take on a recent visit to the land of all things “southernmost.” The Southernmost Tourist Line by RG Son I took a little trip down to South Florida a few weeks ago to visit my mom who resides […]

Guess Who I Heard From?

I was going to rant about some mundane stuff at work, when I the first thing I saw on my computer after I got home from work was a note in my inbox from a voice from the past. What a pleasant surprise! I am sure he won’t mind my sharing his story, as only […]

Goodbye El Guapo

One of the best bloggers out there announced he is done. That’s it. No more posts. Just like that. I have no idea what happened, but I am more than a little sad about it. When times were good and not so good, I could always check in with El Guapo in D.C. to see […]

Guest Post from a Boy Friend

I will be offline until later in the week. As I hit the highway south, enjoy this post from someone to whom I am most beholden, and who is almost ready to admit he is as addicted to the restaurant biz as I am–if he would only give up that pesky day job! My thanks […]

Guest Post From El Guapo in DC

“What in the name of Goya…?” That one phrase, from a single post more than a year ago, hooked me for good to El Guapo in DC. Along with some very fine writing. Hilarious, poignant, to the point, heartfelt–I adore this glorious Guatemalan’s stories about his neighborhood, his quest for love, his job, his family, […]

Guest Post from Kim Ayres, The Bearded One

I happened upon Kim Ayres’ site a few months ago when I was poking around some links on El Gaupo in DC. I loved Kim’s “About Me” description: “Over the past 2 years I have changed my car, changed my career, moved to a different area, lost nearly 100 pounds in weight and turned 40. […]