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Please, enough of the “How to be a Perfect Server” commentary

Suddenly, everyday, I read or hear about yet another “What Servers Should Do” article, blog post, etc. Frankly, I am surprised that so many feel the topic important enough to speak about it in such inglorious, minute detail. (I did enjoy Waiter’s recent rebuttal, to one such article, however.) Why isn’t anyone writing about “100 […]

Beyond Tired

Dear servers I managed in D.C. and Fort Lauderdale: I double and triple sat you all the time. Many apologies. I begged you to stay late and take the last table that, in the end, only left a 10 percent tip. Many thanks. I didn’t help pre-set and pre-bus tables enough. Many thanks, again, for […]

What Fries on Friday Really Mean

Fries on Friday mean you have stopped eating fries every day of the week, even every other day. Fries on Friday mean eating fries only on Friday, and your chef is thrilled about your new lease on life. Fries on Friday mean you are slightly hung over from drinks on Thursday night out with someone […]

Computer Overboard!

( Food )

I live and die by my podium computer. I track reservation arrivals, incomplete parties, walk-in traffic, the wait list and more on it. One Friday a few months ago, at 11:45 a.m., we were told we had five minutes before the reservation system would be down. I scrambled as best I could, but when my […]