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Here Come the Brides

One day you’re having the experience of a lifetime during Kentucky Derby Week, and the day you return to work from the experience of a lifetime, your GM says this: “From now on, you’re doing all of our private events.” Oh. Okay. Okay? I have enjoyed the past three years working as a bartender and […]

I’ll Have Another, Please

I’d love to have another opportunity to visit the rolling hills surrounding Louisville, Kentucky, Derby Week or not. The gentility and hospitality of everyone we met matches the area’s beauty, and I could not help but say a thousand times or more, “I’m not in SoFla anymore.” I’d love to have another chance to spend […]

Kentucky Dreamin’

I am one lucky gal to have landed at the Kentucky Derby! Photos and stories to follow soon when I return to SoFla.

Gosh, Moving Sure is Fun!

Lost: Two small pieces of shelving hardware, without which the very necessary third shelf in my glass-front cabinet is rendered useless, which makes unpacking a bin containing the glass-front cabinet’s decorative contents unlikely for the foreseeable future. Found: One silver hoop earring from my favorite pair, tucked under the bed-frame leg and discovered on moving […]

No Such Thing as a ‘Little’ Flu

Do you know that ad? I do, quite well. Whoever created the Allstate “Mayhem”-type character to represent the flu season has it down pat–the words “little” and “flu” do not belong together. I have spent the better part of the past month on my sofa fighting two colds and what I thought was a third, […]

“And I’m Free, Free Fallin’…” –Tom Petty

When I look back at RG 2007, I am struck by two things: the volume of good writing and the telling writing itself. When one commenter spoke of the dark tone of my posts early in the year, and how she hoped it wasn’t foretelling, she knew what I didn’t at that point–that one of […]

Has It Really Been Six Years?

On January 21, 2006, I posted my first entry as Restaurant Gal. I called it “First Course,” and all subsequent posts that are more about me than about the industry are filed under that heading in my archives. I had forgotten that I had titled my first post as such until I decided to undertake […]

Costumed Canines

Rouletta and Angel had no trouble selecting costumes for their doggie day care costume contest: Boston Red Sox. Happy Halloween everyone!

Costume Contest

I have been called in to work the Halloween shift at my new job. “You have to wear a costume,” insisted one of my managers. Okay, will do. But which one looks best with a three-pocket black apron and hideous non-skid shoes as accessories, and is still practical enough to allow me to work through […]

So Many Candles

Who doesn’t take stock of life’s antics on one’s birthday? Sure, you pretend this insignificant, utterly forgettable birthday is insignificant and forgettable enough to stop the reflective thoughts as they creep up over your morning coffee and spill forth with the force of a rogue wave by happy hour. Thus, if the thoughts are there, […]