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Princesses All

“I’ll be in Orlando for a day between business trips,” said RG Daughter during one of her daily calls a few days ago. “You have to come up.” I love it that RG Daughter calls me almost every day. It’s like she lives just over the fence and a shout away instead of 1000-plus miles […]

Please, enough of the “How to be a Perfect Server” commentary

Suddenly, everyday, I read or hear about yet another “What Servers Should Do” article, blog post, etc. Frankly, I am surprised that so many feel the topic important enough to speak about it in such inglorious, minute detail. (I did enjoy Waiter’s recent rebuttal, to one such article, however.) Why isn’t anyone writing about “100 […]

Pillow Talk

Her hair is stringy and tangled and wild about her shoulders. His pallor is ashen and unshaven. Their faces are blurred: eyes have morphed into slits, mouths are drooping just slightly. Or are they smiling? “Baby, I love you. You have no idea.” “I love you, too. You know that.” “But you don’t understand. I […]

Cut Me Off

When you work at a local bar, you have to find your own local bar in which to decompress and let it all drift away. The first place I thought was such a place ended up being anything but after the owner fired everyone who knew me as a local. So goes life in the […]

Let’s Do Lunch

A former grade school teacher of mine and I reconnected what seems like a hundred years ago when she and I were substitute teaching in an elementary school. Turned out, she subbed in both my kids’ classes and loved regaling all the other students about how, “I taught sixth grade to their mother!” It also […]

Gluten Clarity

I haven’t been poisoned by gluten in a long time. I am beyond careful about what I eat, especially when I’m out. At my closest local bar/restaurant, I only eat fish tacos because I know they’re “safe.” Of course, the staff there totally gets the Celiac thing, and they stock a pretty decent gluten-free beer […]

When You Wake Up in the Morning

“Can I have some of your fries?” she slurred, then reached over me and grabbed a handful of French fries off the plate of steak and potatoes that Upset Waitress and I were sharing. We were starving. We were tired from work. We were drinking. We decided to order a big fat steak to make […]

Such a Small Town

I think I had 9 tickets going at once at one point yesterday. I know all but two tables were full and I was on my own. Everyone got fed. I didn’t get too weeded. No one complained. So I guess I am getting the hang of this. Then, while out on a date last […]

Wine Service

I am at the Key West bar where I met and befriended the band a few weeks ago. RG Daughter is interviewing folks for her thesis, which gives me several hours to kill. It is quiet in Key West in the middle of this December week before the holiday season and the other “season” kicks […]