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ADD Post

Student Loan Madness For months and months, I have been in touch with SallieMae to straighten out my six-plus student loans taken out over the past 8 years so that my kids could attend the college of their dreams. When you have undiagnosed-but-surely-have adult ADD, SallieMae is not a realm in which to wallow. Because […]

My First Prom

No one forgets their senior prom–the dress, the dinner, the anticipation fraught with drama. I, however, have no prom memories, because I never went to one. Before anyone feels sorry for a Restaurant Gal who was left home alone on one of the crucial archetypal moments of passage in a teenage gal’s almost grown-up world, […]

Doing the Math

I am never late. I never call out. I do it all and as close to perfect as I can. Although I was sure on day one four months ago that I couldn’t possibly do the job for which I was just hired, I was equally sure by day 14 that I am better at […]

It’s Not that I Have Nothing to Say…

…It’s just that I am exhausted every single day from a season’s work schedule that starts at 5:30 a.m. and sometimes doesn’t end until 2 a.m., when I am on call for two other jobs. I have started three posts in three days. I hope to post at least one of them in the days […]