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Longer Days

( Guests )

She always takes a spring break, and always at the height of season when throngs of college kids and families and everyone else in between vies for a coveted spot on the soft white SoFla sand. “I don’t know why I still take a vacation in March,” she said on day two of her stay. […]

Server Trouble

No, not the hospitality-industry type. Rather, the host server for Restaurant Gal. If you had trouble accessing the site for the past two days, you were in good company. Rumors are swirling that the problem has been fixed. Thanks for checking in on RG.

Charlie the Snowbird

You know the relative–the one who travels from house to house for extended stays with the various family members who diligently take their turns caring for the one who cannot care for himself. Such is Charlie, a young boy with an old soul and bad knees. He hails from D.C., but this winter, he called […]

The Birds

When you work outside, no matter how great the view, you have to contend with the local wildlife. Where I work, the wildlife basically means the scrawny little black birds sporting an occasional splash of yellow that have figured out that our outdoor seating area presents a veritable bird’s smorgasbord. “They’re so cute!” someone or […]