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That Bartender

Sometimes, taking the first job offered is not a brilliant career move. If, on day two, the triple management threat is telling you to clean better and sell more food, you clean better and try to sell more food. If, on day five, the triple threat tells you sales are down in the bar but […]

Shameless Thanks

Two RG posts are up for “Post of the Year” at the popular South Florida Daily Blog. “Can She See Your Dog?” was post of the month for January 2010. “Alone in Time” was both the reader’s and the editor’s choice for September 2010. For Post of the Year, readers vote for their favorite, while […]

Coveted Snow-Free Status

A dear and wonderful D.C. girlfriend posted this startling statistic on my personal Facebook page: “Just a little tidbit of current trivia: the only state in the union without snow on 1/11/11 is Florida…” I knew, of course, the weather was horrible throughout the southeast. I also knew the horribleness was about to spread to […]

Work, Move, Work, Move!

I will post again soon. It’s been a hectic few weeks with ending one job on one day, packing some clothes, and starting a new job the next evening. The new job is not without some challenges, and living out of a suitcase is always fun! Hopefully, the chaos will be over in a few […]