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Thank You, Rambling One

A hearty thank you to Kim Ayres for awarding Restaurant Gal a Rambling Beard Award 2010. Kim is an incredibly thoughtful writer and extremely talented photographer in his own right. His site is always well worth a visit. One of these days, I hope he will guest post again on my site. Happy 2011, Kim, […]

Year’s End, New Beginnings

In 2010, I worked three jobs simultaneously, driving from one job and one Key to another, back-to-back with only an hour in between, to get these jobs done. I abhorred one job’s customers while I shook my head at another one’s fourth inept manager in as many weeks. The third job, however, I loved–both the […]


A mom to her daughter at a Fort Lauderdale Target: “Just buy the jacket, leave the tags on, wear it, and we’ll return it tomorrow when the weather warms up again.” And so it goes during a temporary cold snap in SoFla. A couple of “jackets” I will never return:

Making Merry on a Whim

On a whim, I mentioned to a once-upon-a-time-two-years-ago-almost-but-really-never boyfriend who is, thankfully, now a friend, that I was looking for work off the Rock. I was on the other side of his bar, enjoying the evening, waiting for my great guy to get off work. Within two minutes, my now-friend gave me a name and […]

RG Son’s Week Off

My son does a fair amount of writing of his own, so I thought I’d share his take on a recent visit to the land of all things “southernmost.” The Southernmost Tourist Line by RG Son I took a little trip down to South Florida a few weeks ago to visit my mom who resides […]

A Kiss Goodbye

( Guests )

I know the look. I saw it on my biological father, when I thought he was just tired from all the activity he’d insisted we cram into 48 hours. But he knew. I know that look. I saw it on my customer who’d said he’d lost so much weight because he’d wanted to. I evaluated […]

Santa’s Coming to Town

Where Santa hears wishes for gifts in the mall-less Keys.