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Sloop John B

Many years ago, when today’s reality was never thought of, I attended every single one of RG Daughter’s and RG Son’s elementary school holiday concerts. I’d like to say it was a beautiful experience, one to which I looked forward every year. But if I said that, I’d be lying. Horribly. If I’d lived in […]

Thank You South Florida Daily Blog

A recent RG post, “Alone in Time,” garnered recognition from readers and editors at the popular site South Florida Daily Blog. Many thanks, SFDB, for this current recognition, as well as for highlighting various RG posts in your daily “sifts.” Given the quality of writing in the South Florida blogging world, it’s a great compliment […]

Handshakes of Peace

He was the best of customers until he became one of the worst. He’s always been a pot stirrer, but it never directly affected me, until it did. And when it did, the slop he stirred spilled over the edge and seeped beyond my bar to the outer edges of this very small town. His […]

Stats, Lies, and All the Rest

On Wednesday, October 14, 2009, Restaurant Gal reached an all-time high of page views–850-plus in a single day. I have no idea why. I have no idea if RG surpassed that number in prior years before I kept stats. I do know that it matters not so much. One day, 437 people peek in, and […]

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to one of my favorite co-workers and one of the best cooks I’ve had the pleasure and honor to know. Happy birthday to her for hanging in when times are tough, for hanging in when some of these times present the most challenging of times, for hanging in with me when we work […]