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Lost and Found

When you are one of seven children in a blended family, everyone is cast in a role repeatedly played out, despite all efforts to break free and re-create oneself. One sister, for example, was the clumsy one, something of which she was reminded every day, which resulted in continual mishaps that ranged from minor–a bruised […]

Mosquito Man

“Hi,” he said, way too awake and far too jovial for my morning crowd. “Let me introduce myself.” My regulars grudgingly looked up and silently acknowledged his presence, then immediately turned back to their styrofoam cups of dark coffee. “Can I get you something from the bar?” I asked. “No, no. I’m here to introduce […]

Baking Day

Anyone who knows me knows I am no cook. It’s not that I can’t cook–I can, and fairly well if I focus enough. It’s just that I’d rather do anything–including dishes–than cook. Oh sure, back in the day I cooked for the family (“Who wants breakfast for dinner?”), and once a year I hosted a […]