Three’s the Charm II

Posted on Friday 18 June 2010

Add a third place of employment to your daily life, and you soon find that you live in an multi-layered netherworld of “almost” realities–almost feel like I live here; almost wish I could work more shifts there; almost wonder how the more things change, the more things remain the same everywhere.

A very short list of plusses and minuses about my tri-dimensional world:

Plus: Making money, finally.

Minus: Sometimes I forget where I am working, and I draw a total blank when I answer the workplace phone.


Plus: A bad shift at one place is often replaced by a good shift at one of the other places later that day.

Minus: It’s a double; it’s grueling.


Plus: No more sitting around the house and watching TV with the dogs during my time off, while my great guy works another in a perpetual string of shifts that occur opposite of mine.

Minus: Wait, did I feed the dogs–yesterday?


Plus: I appreciate my nicest customers at each job, allowing them to dilute the pain-in-the-ass customers that are a part of every job.

Minus: By the last hour of the second half of a double, no one seems nice.


Plus: I work for some great managers.

Minus: Balancing the moods and quirks and expectations of multiple managers, while trying to remember what rule is in what place at what job, can be tricky.


Plus: Making money, finally.

Minus that’s really a plus: Work, work, work and no time for a personal life that, of late, has had its challenges. This gives me time to ponder what’s next after I’m done making all this money, finally.

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    June 22, 2010 | 8:46 am

    When you get through the season with all this money, are you flying over to Scotland to get your photo taken? 🙂

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