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Time to Savor the Blossoms

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He was small, but tough. Very tough. And very small. When they needed someone to crawl through unimaginably tight spaces and fix, find or forage for what might keep them all alive another hour, he was their man. He was small and tough and very intelligent. He spoke with authority, certainty and complexity. He didn’t […]

Smallest Odds in the Smallest World

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“You look so familiar,” he said to RG Daughter as she poured his drink. “Really? I grew up here, and I live and work here now that I’m out of school,” RG Daughter said, well into the second hour of a freelance bartending shift. “No, no. Not here. Did you ever live in the Keys? […]

Three’s the Charm II

Add a third place of employment to your daily life, and you soon find that you live in an multi-layered netherworld of “almost” realities–almost feel like I live here; almost wish I could work more shifts there; almost wonder how the more things change, the more things remain the same everywhere. A very short list […]

Three’s the Charm

I have taken a third job, which means I now work eight shifts, with two as doubles. I am not complaining at all. I am grateful to be working and finally paying my bills with a little left over. I have many stories in mind, however. Soon, I know, I will eek out the time […]

Hot and Cold

“I’m gonna smack the first person who says it’s too hot when August rolls around,” said one of my regulars during the first week of March, when we shivered again in the seemingly never-ending below-normal temps. “Damn, it’s too hot for June,” he said two days ago. So it is that we feel cheated again […]

Stress-Free Living

“You must live the most stress-free life down here!” commented a customer to the bartender at an outdoor spot, where my great guy and I had just met after our many multiples of work shifts for the week. My great guy and I exchanged glances as we sipped our cocktails. The bartender saw us exchange […]