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How can you tell it’s happy hour at a Keys bar? The bike rack is full. My work life is filled with “givens.” It is a given that my two Nam vets and my part-time co-worker will be sitting outside on the deck when I arrive to open. It is a given that the first […]

Painting Away a Day

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Oh no, not again, I thought as I watched him hoist his paints and brushes and head toward the front door. Predictably, the moment he took two steps away from his car, it began: the high-pitched whining and barking that would not cease until he packed up his paints and his brushes and went home. […]

Movie Monday

I don’t know the last time I watched a movie in an actual movie theater. I really don’t. I remember liking the big sound and the big screen and being thoroughly annoyed by the noise and chit chat all around me. I also remember thinking how much I don’t like seeing movies outside the solitude […]

The Last Thing I Said to Him

I made it home just fine today, despite the two rum and sodas. I was supposed to work a double, but it was only 10 hours. I needed the rum and sodas because I wasn’t ready to go home after the double that wasn’t. Because it had been a day that felt like ten. Which […]

Everyone in the Pool

Longer ago than a long time ago, I applied to Duke University as a transfer student. I had just spent a year off from school amassing a stack of newspaper clips bearing my byline at my first reporting job (okay, I was a lowly intern), and I will never forget the pride and thrill I […]