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Journey Proud

The night before a vacation or any type of trip, I rarely sleep. I toss and turn, and turn on the TV, fitfully dozing at best. My Aunt J refers to this as being “journey proud,” as in excited, nervous, and all the rest about an upcoming journey. Throughout the years, I have arrived exhausted […]

Book Club

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I have never been a book club person, which, when you consider I have multiple books swirling about in my head on an hourly basis, is somewhat ironic. The first and last time I agreed to attend a book club gathering was many years ago. I grudgingly bought the current week’s choice, “Letters from Vietnam,” […]

Spring Break Bingo

When you live in the land that Spring Break never forgets, your local world dramatically shrinks as throngs of college kids, families, and snow birds converge on your otherwise favorite spots to eat and drink. That place is mobbed all day. That one and the other one are insane at sunset. And forget about breakfast […]

The Stuff of Dreams

Most local folks in these parts live today while thankfully leaving behind or only looking forward from what used to be–running through their drinks while running in their places, silently cheering themselves on as they cross the finish line that means they never again have to live who they once were. I used to own… […]

So Easy to Judge

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“People actually drink at 7:30 in the morning?” asks a friend who works in an office far, far away from here. “Oh my God, seriously, you have business at that hour?” asks another from another city. “They must be complete and total alcoholics,” frowns another who lives close by. Yes. Yes. Probably. Maybe. Actually, I […]

Unwritten Stories

“So, how is everything that you haven’t been writing about?” asked a friend who, stating the obvious, wondered why I haven’t been posting as much of late. Life has a way of becoming quite full: –I work a 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift. In reality, it’s 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. when you figure […]