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Considering the Lessons Learned

As one who despises the first day of any job and struggles with a ridiculous lack of self confidence through the first week, I decided to torture myself by counting up my recent employment firsts–four in three months. And I feel like I might be forgetting one. Job one–event planning in Key West. I knew […]

Cuts Like A Knife

It is cold. Again. Not cold like the 40-inches-on-the-ground-cold in D.C. Not cold like the 4 to 8 inches about to fall in Atlanta tonight. But Keys cold: 40s at night, 60s during the day. Cold enough to make the tourists happy not to be anywhere north, but disappointed enough that it’s not warm enough […]

Many Thanks, SFDB

Recognition is always nice, as is the surprise when it is quite unexpected. This month, two RG “posts of the week” are up for “Post of the Month” by the South Florida Daily Blog. Kind of cool. This is not a shameless ploy to garner votes. Truly. It is, however, a huge nod to the […]

Back Online

Moving is always fun, especially reconnecting all the “stuff.” Had some down time, but all is right once again. Stories coming soon. –RG