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Dreaming of Paradise?

“You live here? You actually live in Key West? It must be awesome! I am so jealous.” I hear dozens of variations on this sentiment every day. Thus, I am curious to hear from my readers–is living in Key West your dream? If so, why? What do you imagine it to be like? And, if […]

Can She See Your Dog?

“Can she see your dog?” he asked, seeming to appear out of nowhere amidst the throng of tourists navigating Duval Street. I was perched at my favorite outdoor bar, Rouletta on my lap, sipping a fresh grapefruit and rum while waiting for my great guy to finish his shift at the restaurant a few doors […]

A Day Before Christmas Eve Story

“I just want you to know,” said the elderly gentleman on a phone somewhere in very cold and very snowy Pennsylvania, “I am booking this family reunion party with you because you were the only one who took the time to listen to all our requests, and you obviously went out of your way to […]

Called In

A manager somewhere in D.C. at 9:45 a.m.: “Hello?” “Hey, you awake?” “Yep. What’s up?” “Can you come in to work? Gotta a no call, no show.” “Sure. Be there in half an hour.” “Thanks.” A manager somewhere in Key West at 9:45 a.m.: “Hello?” “Hey, you sober?” Pause. Laugh to self. “Yep. What’s up?” […]

Stark Reality in Daylight

You had hoped it wasn’t so. You have no choice but to still hope you are wrong. But your nagging inner voice is wondering if it was simply all about the smoke, the mirrors, the dogs, the ponies, the show. You admit that you made a mistake. You are forced to “stick it out” for […]


Her hair curled in frizzy clumps as it flew away in the soggy tropical air. His pale face glistened with a combination of sweat and grease as he struggled not to notice how stifling the soggy tropical air felt on his Minnesota skin. Her glasses slipped down her nose. He pushed damp bangs off his […]

Just Another Day

On a day when I discovered the frozen custard I ate for lunch poisoned me with wheat and soy, I did my best to push through the knife-in-the-stomach pains. On a day when my great guy finally got a job in Key West, I did my best to be thrilled. On a day when the […]