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Thanks for Giving

“Just chill out, you’re in Key West for God’s sake!” said a friend who is facing an extraordinarily difficult life transition, and who, for reasons that only a good friend does, put his turmoil aside and heard what must have seemed such petty concerns on my part. He pointed out all the good things that […]

The GIrl Next Door

He throws a half full bottle of beer into the street. His partner throws a plastic cup into the fence. He yells. So does he. For a half second a tense silence shimmers in the dank humid air, then they notice the girl next door, across the street, who sits on her front porch. In […]

Moving on Past the Moving Day Blues

You take nothing for granted when you live in an adorable, renovated cottage in Old Town. “Residential Parking” spots in front of your adorable cottage are snapped up by anyone. Everyone. Your tiny back deck that is separated by a tall fence is no match for a taller bamboo grove that grows an inch too […]

Gotta Play to Win

The shrill chirp of the second alarm clock was the sound that finally roused my Miami friend and former coworker at 4:15 a.m.–the time she wakes up every weekend morning to make the hour-and-a-half drive to work a double 6 a.m. breakfast-lunch shift, followed by a dinner shift. On this particular morning, she told me, […]

Please, enough of the “How to be a Perfect Server” commentary

Suddenly, everyday, I read or hear about yet another “What Servers Should Do” article, blog post, etc. Frankly, I am surprised that so many feel the topic important enough to speak about it in such inglorious, minute detail. (I did enjoy Waiter’s recent rebuttal, to one such article, however.) Why isn’t anyone writing about “100 […]

Pillow Talk

Her hair is stringy and tangled and wild about her shoulders. His pallor is ashen and unshaven. Their faces are blurred: eyes have morphed into slits, mouths are drooping just slightly. Or are they smiling? “Baby, I love you. You have no idea.” “I love you, too. You know that.” “But you don’t understand. I […]

Apples to Oranges or Raspberries to Plums

I have been driving to and fro quite frequently these past few weeks: to my new Key to find a place to live, sign a lease, and generally try to get the feel for my new “home;” fro my old and soon-to-be former Key, where I still work a thousand hours a week, haven’t packed, […]