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Bye Bye Love

A reporter recently contacted me and asked for my “unique perspective” about why the area in which I live–The Keys–has the second highest divorce rate in the United States. In the end, she didn’t use any of my quotes, preferring instead to cite actual professionals literate in matters of marriage and divorce. Go figure. But […]

Where’s My Game???

( Guests )

This may come as a shock to some, but people have been known to move to the Keys to hide from their previous lives. They don rubber flip flops and wrinkled T-shirts and and grow long, gray ponytails or dispense with highlights and blow-dried styles, and then they assume the escape to paradise is complete. […]

Every Day

“I just want you to know I had THE best day of work yesterday since I started,” RG Daughter told me, a smile apparent with every word. I listened to her tell me every detail of every successful minute she had enjoyed, and as happy as I was for her, I ached to see her […]

Keys Karma and All Things Good

If I hadn’t wandered into a dive bar across the street from my Fort Lauderdale apartment a year ago, I wouldn’t know the very cool owner of that dive bar. I also would not have met the day-at-a-time boy who would break my heart a few months later. If my life in Fort Lauderdale had […]