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While You Were Out

( Guests )

“We were all holding our breath for a week while you were out sick.” Oh, thank you, I think. “Because we were sure we’d all get the flu from you. But no one did! Good thing, too. Anyway, you feeling better?” Feeling the love, mostly. *** “Oh, you’re back, finally? Hope you’re feeling better. You […]

Maybe You Should Stay Home….

I woke up this past Saturday morning with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. Allergies, of course. No more Claritin in the house, of course. My guy and I decided there was no better way to spend a rainy Saturday morning in paradise than to shop every aisle at CVS. I needed the allergy meds. […]

Get-Away Clothing

Most of my local clientele has gone away. Some for a month, others for a week or two. There’s a reason to bank money during season–mid-August through September looms large and quiet. But I wondered, when you live in a vacation paradise, where do you go on your own vacation? Palm trees and water and […]

That Time of Year, Again

About once a year, I wonder if Restaurant Gal has perhaps seen one day, one post too many. This is usually sparked by several unrelated events: a seemingly absent muse and the feeling that I have no more stories to tell, a busy work schedule with barely enough time to do anything else but work, […]

Vacation Rental

When I was looking for a place to live here seven months ago, I saw “For Rent” signs all over the place–some in front of cute houses downtown, others advertising luxurious homes on the water. No problem finding a place, I figured, with so much property for rent. A hybrid, however, repeatedly got in my […]