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Stumbling Along the Roads Less Traveled

I do not feed stray cats, especially in the Keys. Billions of them lurk around every corner, and someone (many someones) is always putting food and water out for them. They amble between tables at all the bars and restaurants, they wander neighborhood streets like they own it all, and they sprawl across sidewalks daring […]

Eggs Over Done

“The money is good there,” said Upset Waitress a few weeks ago as we sat smoking cigarettes on my front porch. “As long as it’s good, use it. When the money stops being good, leave.” “Yeah,” I nodded. “But every day the new owners change something major, then the idiot manager doesn’t tell us, then […]

Technical Trouble!

All my techno systems are functioning at 50%–on a good day. Have much to post, but just can’t get it on the Web in time before my computer gives it up. Trying, trying, trying to fix it. But it’s the Keys. All remedies happen on Keys time, whatever that means. Come back very soon!

Show Me the Nearest Yellow Brick Road

I left for Colorado a week ago. My local bar manager told me he wanted me on the schedule full time when I returned. With that good news in hand, I turned down another job that had just been offered, and I reduced my shifts to one at the dive. Oh, and I booked a […]

2009 Class Notes

RG Daughter’s college graduation day dawned sunny and warm, the first truly perfect Colorado weather day since winter gripped the mountains months and months ago and seemed as if it would never let go. Tulips and lilies bloomed orange and yellow in the downtown parks. Spicy red geraniums and soft pastel petunias spilled out of […]

Gluten Clarity

I haven’t been poisoned by gluten in a long time. I am beyond careful about what I eat, especially when I’m out. At my closest local bar/restaurant, I only eat fish tacos because I know they’re “safe.” Of course, the staff there totally gets the Celiac thing, and they stock a pretty decent gluten-free beer […]

A Mother’s Day Toast to Those Who Call Out

She wandered in at 8 a.m., wide-eyed and only a little nervous. Her crisp apron was tied nicely around her khaki pants, her makeup was just so. Who the hell are you? I thought as I buttered toast and kept half an eye on the line, where my order was starting to pile up. I […]

How Stupid Can You Be?

“The orange juice in a mimosa is not considered a serving of fruit! You need to eat something!” said my girlfriend with whom I was drinking what was supposed to be my first meal in two days. “I have some soup I just made, no gluten at all in it,” said the cook from behind […]