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Bad to Good, Bad to Best

“How’s the book coming along?” asks a Fort Lauderdale friend in an email. “Fine,” I lie in an email response. In truth, I have to re-write every chapter of my book every day. Just when I think I have the story line that works, everything changes–again and again. I moved here to work in a […]

Climbing Back Up

I went back to work at the bar today. It was a slow Monday day shift. I poured beer just fine. In all else, I didn’t suck. I am still clumsy and slow, but I will get this…I think. The manager watched me like a hawk all day. He says he needs me to fill […]

Excessive Expectations

A long, long time ago, I was a bartender. I was asked to tend bar at a popular resort-town spot, where I worked as a server, because I sucked so much as a server. “You’re off the floor! You work the service bar now,” barked the restaurant’s owner after I was weeded for the billionth […]

Time When

I revised a post that I wrote last week and took down. It’s about friendship between men and women, and it begs the question: Is it truly possible for single men and single women to be friends–only friends? Popular saying in these parts: A Keys guy never really breaks up with a girl. He just […]

I Will Know the Economy is Better When…

( Guests )

…people order something to drink other than water. …men don’t share one ice tea. …women don’t split a cup of soup. …four adults don’t split two entrees and then ask for four separate checks. You will hear it here, first.

Pulling Posts

Yep, I pulled my last post, for those of you who are wondering where it went or why it’s not here. As I have expressed to many, my posts are reflections on an interlude or incident or feeling surrounding a certain moment in my time. On a rare occasion, I re-visit a post after an […]

Easy Days, Peaceful Nights

Three firsts this week: –A customer got very, very angry with me and slammed money on the counter, spitting out the words in her heavy French accent, “This is for you, even though it was all terrible. Terrible!” –I won two out of three games of bowling. Understand, I haven’t bowled in years, and before […]

Through Her Eyes

RG Daughter is in town for a few days, and as always when she visits, I wonder how she views my current state of life. Her first visit to Fort Lauderdale was with RG Son several months after I had moved there. I was living in my ghetto apartment furnished with only the bare necessities, […]