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Boys to Men

A boy texts you everything you hope to hear. A man tells you what he thinks in person. A boy always has an excuse why he can’t see you, which he delivers via text. A man makes plans and keeps them. A boy tells you he is falling deeply for you and wants to live […]

The Princess and the Key to the House

I am a princess. I know this, and I am no longer ashamed to admit this annoying fact about myself. Upset Waitress thought she knew this, too, until she spent two days helping me look at places to live in the Keys. “Oh my God, you really are a princessa, aren’t you? A total, f—ing […]

Oranges for the Giving

Word of advice: Do not stop at a Florida Turnpike service center if you are hungry and thirsty and a fresh fruit stand is set up to resemble a pleasant farmers’ market–complete with samples of the sweetest oranges on the planet. If you do, you will end up with a cute netted bag of petit […]

Wine Service

I am at the Key West bar where I met and befriended the band a few weeks ago. RG Daughter is interviewing folks for her thesis, which gives me several hours to kill. It is quiet in Key West in the middle of this December week before the holiday season and the other “season” kicks […]

Friendly Advice

Friends are funny. My South Florida friends are hilarious. Just when you think you know one, she stirs up high school drama and, poof, said friend is a friend no more. My best guy friend is my rock. But last night, after too much Saturday night fun, he leveled a little too much with me. […]