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Snow, Snow, Snow!

It’s snowing here in Colorado. Everyone is excited. Snow means skiing in the nearby mountains. Snow means it’s really the holiday season. A rainbow palate of lights dangle from town square evergreens and hang from the eaves and rooftops of neighborhood homes that are frosted just so. A glittering snowscape comes to life after dark, […]

Run Away Lies

I ran away for almost a week, and I learned the following: I only believe the last lie I was told. I woke up at 2 a.m. Thursday, panicked because a man said on Wednesday that he adored me and wanted to be my guy. I packed up the dog and, without a word to […]

Big Pocketbook Training School

I have a love-hate relationship with purses. Love to carry my stuff in something cute; hate to carry my stuff in the cute something because it’s too small. Ask RG Daughter, I have spent the last two years looking for a Big Pocketbook. None ever measured up: That one is too big. That one has […]

You Are So Beautiful

They were the beautiful couple, the couple that smiled and cuddled and clearly loved each other. They were the couple that defied the beach bar odds of random hook ups, ruthless players, ex-girl- and boyfriends, and the usual drunken debauchery. In our casa, where the drama incessantly churns, this couple floated above the fray, happy […]

It’s Only Work

Remember the first time you were fired? How it wasn’t really your fault until the boss decided it was? How it felt so very, very personal, and you felt completely worthless and wondered if you would ever work again? How much it sucked? Good thing I live 2,000 miles away from RG Daughter. Because a […]

To Yacht or Not to Yacht?

I have been invited to join a yacht club located near my apartment complex. The fact that I am single, unemployed, and don’t own a row boat–much less a yacht–apparently makes no difference. They want me. Bad. In a way, I want them, too. What is not to love about a dowager pink princess who […]