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Cold Season

It is cold here in South Florida–10 degrees below normal. The breeze has a kick to it. Ask anyone–it’s a veritable January-like week with lows in the 50s and highs barely in the 70s! Alma mater emblazoned sweatshirts are once again being dragged out of closets and draped over our shivering forms. Oh sure, the […]

My Flock

They are beloved, my flock. They hover on a daily basis, swooping in tandem one minute, alone the next. They are the sweetest of the sweet, the nicest of the nice. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have such a flock. I kiss and tell each one of them. Some days, however, […]

My Husband Sent Me

“We’re empty nesters now, so my husband sent me down here.” She speaks with a soft southern accent, tucking her wild brown curls back in a clip as she fights the wind that is blowing east off the ocean, directly at our bar stools. It is a losing battle I have learned not to attempt […]

Full Puck Circle

Eight years ago, pretty much to the day, when RG Son was 15, the local rock station DC101 wanted to welcome back a hockey player after his week-long suspension for fighting (I know, don’t we all HATE the fighting in hockey? 😉 ). Richard Zednick, then playing for the Washington Capitals, had no doubt used […]

Word Power

“I don’t want a boyfriend right now.” Say those few words, with just the right inflection, with just the right amount of conviction, and poof! Texts are texted, phone calls are made and returned, and all the pressure seems to have evaporated as you give in to simple fun and wondering why it hasn’t always […]

Couples Night

I go to my dive bar every Monday to watch football. I go because I adore the bartender and the dive bar owner. I go because it’s a dive bar and I can wear an ugly T-shirt and baggy jeans and whatever makeup I put on in the morning and not care because no one […]

Off to Vegas

Taking a few days off to be with my best sister friend in Las Vegas. Taxi arrives in five hours to whisk me away to the airport. I cannot wait! Stay tuned…. –RG

A Year Ago

A year ago… I danced at the Elbo Room like a crazy girl. I was with my wonderful friend from D.C., who also acted like a crazy girl. I had embarked on a Spring Break that would last a full year, although I didn’t know that at the time. I thought I was merely celebrating. […]

Will You Marry Me?

A great guy asked me to marry him today. Too bad I didn’t know him. He is one of our sort-of regulars at lunch. I say sort-of, because he only comes in when he is part of a large corporate luncheon that happens every so often at my restaurant. Actually, I didn’t really remember him […]