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20 Questions

From the day shift host the minute I walked in, regarding the completely fried and clearly dead Open Table computer: “Do you know how to turn it back on? I don’t know if it’s broken, but it looks like water spilled all over it last night.” I got the real scoop on whose drink spilled […]

Dancing with Girls

It is Tuesday night at the hip, cool nightspot close to my apartment. I am meeting my hip, cool, confident girlfriend here for “a” drink. An early night is what I need, after being up late both Sunday and Monday. My re-entry to South Florida has been a rough one. I miss the Colorado pace […]

Rocky Mountain Higher Power

Day One with RG Daughter Hugging her like there is no letting her go when she meets me at the airport. Meaning it when I tell her how cute her apartment is and how much I have been looking forward to spending the next few days with her. Collapsing early into bed that night, still […]

Dog Blessings

It was “Bark Mitvah” day at doggie day care yesterday, complete with a rabbi and little yamikas for the pups and doggie cake treats and everything. Now, I know my great grandparents were Jewish, but I also know I am as much a shiksa as you would ever meet, having been raised an Episcopalian. As […]

Three Takes

Take One: He shows up at her apartment for a sixth date with a bottle of Ketel One and a toothbrush. Take Two: She had seen a nice side to him that wasn’t always apparent to others. Take Three: “Why do girls always go for the bad boys?” ~~~ Take One: She tells him, “Don’t […]

As Luck Would Have It

A local eatery currently has a lobster special–two 1.5-lb Maine lobsters for a ridiculously low price. I love lobster. I think I love the melted butter in which one dips the lobster more than the lobster itself, but the combination of the two makes it an all-time favorite meal of mine. I have visited this […]

Like Mother…God Help Her

“I forgot about restaurant feet.” This from RG Daughter after her first night at work at a new eatery that has just opened in her college town. Actually “first night” is a misnomer. She had just put in an 18-hour double that encompassed a morning, an afternoon, an evening, and the wee hours of the […]

Every Little Thing She Does

In my case, to quote Sting, it hardly feels like magic. I wonder how it is that of the few people I have befriended down here, I have met the huge majority of them–not in ethereal, incongruous and magical close encounters–but instead, hanging out at my beach bar. Yes, even the boy figures in that […]