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Yesterday, for the first time since I adopted her last January, Rouletta allowed her inner canine spirit to fully emerge. She ground out her cigarette, took a last sip of red wine, and ran over to the pile of toys she rarely plays with and dragged each one into the middle of the living room […]

The Brazilian–Not Wax!

I used to have curly hair. Sure, I hated it, like all girls who have naturally curly hair hate their hair. Then I moved to SoFla. And I learned that the hair I hated in D.C. was nothing compared to the poodle-mop that emerged in this perennially hot, humid air. Hate, indeed, is a relative […]

Better on the B-Side

Back in the day, when I saved up my allowance to buy 45 rpms of the latest music, I always found myself drawn to the B-side song–that tune on the other side, the side that took up space simply to support the hit song. Sometimes these B-side songs were instrumental versions of the hits. Sometimes […]

Four Hours, Two Nights

“I have to tell you something funny about your name.” I have just met up with my new friend at a swanky spot to which I have never been. The contrast between this place and my beach bar, where I have spent countless hours, is nothing short of remarkable. Think flip flops vs. Manolo Blaniks. […]

Ask Me–I Know Everything!

( Guests )

Local Caller No. 1 “Are you open for lunch today?” Yes. “Does that mean you are open for dinner tonight?” Yes. “Will you stay open no matter what happens with Fay?” As of right now, we plan to stay open. “No matter what?” Now you are beginning to annoy me. Tourist Caller No. 2 “What’s […]

Calling It a Night

If we have just started dating, and I am insisting we take it so very, very slow, and you agree to that, and I have told you that I am getting my hair cut by the girl and friend who used to style my hair in D.C., and how cool and coincidental it is that […]

Leaders Among Us

“Get out of the water! It’s coming quick. We don’t know if it’s a dolphin or a shark!” My pilot girlfriend and I were lounging in my multi-colored beach chairs on a section of the beach that offers no lifeguard protection. We were close enough to the Atlantic’s edge that tiny wavelets caressed our toes […]

Top 23

In an effort to help a friend wade through the 569 posts I have written over two-and-a-half years, I told him I would scroll back and come up with my favorites. It proved to be an interesting exercise. Some of what I have written is deeply personal and heartfelt. Sometimes that equates to good writing. […]

From the Mouths of Babes

“We were sitting there eating dinner at my place, and he looked at my dog and said, ‘Can’t you just put him out on the porch or something?’” RG Daughter is repeating a conversation she had with a young man she has been seeing. A really cute young man who is creative and artistic and […]

Time Always Tells

When you return “home” after packing up a lifetime, and the Sunday shift is going well until one of the bartenders gets quite suddenly and unexpectedly trashed, and you are left having to pick up the pieces as you attempt to explain it all to your boss on the phone, you are apt to wonder […]