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Damn Fine Chaos

“Chaos surrounds you, doesn’t it?” asked my new best gal pal, Upset Waitress as we slurped mimosas at 8 a.m. and she served RG Son and I gigantic plates of the best breakfast stuff in the world. “You mean like a hurricane of crap always swirling around me as I serenely continue on my way, […]

So Mean

What is the meanest thing you have ever done to someone? I’m talking about down-and-dirty, ugly mean. Did you take full credit for a work project that really belonged to a junior staffer or co-worker? Did you throw your boss under the bus with the big boss, because you could and it might mean a […]

Okay Moment

I worked 9 hours yesterday. I won’t bore you, my readers, with the crises, except to say I handled them, and I wish I had handled them better. I worked 12 hours today. All good. I wanted, I needed the distraction that work provided. I got it. I was starving all day. Fries, ice cream, […]