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Thanks, Waiter

Three years ago, I walked out of my office and into the hiring arena of one of D.C.’s most popular restaurants. I was hired on the spot. Six months into my job as a maitre d’, I began writing Restaurant Gal because I was astounded by the nature of the business and the stories that […]

Life is Short

I had only been to this funky, strictly local place twice, both times with my crazy friend who is no longer my friend like she used to be. Within seconds of meeting the bartender who’d worked there for 25-plus years, he told me, “Forgetting the blond hair, you have got to be Ginger from Gilligan’s […]

Movin’ Along

Moved yesterday. Grapling with cable and internet issues today (I know, shocking that it wasn’t done right the first time!). Will post again as soon as it all gets corrected. Other than that, the new place is unbelievably great. Look for photos soon. And as always, stay tuned for more stories. –RG

New Digs

I am moving on Thursday. I can’t wait. But I am also nervous about tackling a new beginning, again, even if it is only a couple of miles away. Because it feels like a world away. Okay, maybe only half a world. Regardless, I have pushed through most of the packing, thanks to my neighbor’s […]

What My Boss Doesn’t Know

That he didn’t make me feel utterly incompetent by my having to call him 22,000 times tonight. That I actually had a pretty good sense of how to handle tonight, but since it was my first such horrific experience in this restaurant, I had to call him 22,000 times. That it wasn’t the substance of […]

Friday Night Withdrawal

“Under no circumstances are you to go to your beach bar,” counsels my neighbor and friend. “Nothing is to be gained, and you will only put yourself in front of the boy, which is about as unhealthy as it gets.” Okay. “When you want to go there tonight, think of what you would tell me […]

Practice Makes Not Quite perfect

Operating under the assumption that it is better to “go out” than to mope around the house wringing my hands about a boy who weeks ago washed his hands of me, yet who is still wreaking havoc with my heart, I accepted two vastly different invitations this week. The first was from my dancing partner […]

Goodnight, Not Goodbye

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My short hair style was too severe. I was a nervous wreck. I grasped onto the edge of the bar as if it was my very last hope to stay afloat. A year later to the day, my hair is long and blond and straight. I am still a nervous wreck, but I understand more […]

The Fifth Son

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“Today is my birthday you know,” said Hank, an older gentleman and regular at my beach bar. “Seriously?” I asked. I had been nursing my glass of wine, chatting with the cast of regulars, including Hank, and this was the first mention he’d made of it being his birthday. “Did you know it was Hank’s […]

July 8

I won’t forget the phone call this morning. I will hear the words again and again for many years to come. I won’t forget feeling how I discovered a new definition of betrayal–at least in my reality. I won’t forget trying to keep myself together as I took myself to Starbucks more for the distraction […]