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Free Latte Day

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“Hey man, visitors,” said the one Starbucks worker to the other. The other laughed, but didn’t turn around. We were the only customers. No one in front of us. No one behind us. I was in D.C. with RG Daughter, and after a long day, we were tired and desperate for caffeine. “Seriously, man. Customers!” […]

Photo Op

The peacock and his girl The party

Peafowl Party

A peacock and his girl showed up at my restaurant today. They walked right up to the glass doors and looked in, their beaks tapping ever so slightly on the glass as they wondered why they could walk no further into the clear future. He was quite beautiful with his blue feathers, a sight to […]

Whimsical Beginning

“Deep inside us–even during life’s darkest moments–there’s a whimsical and adventurous little fairy trying to escape. Learning to set it free is the best thing we can do for ourselves.” –Mary Tiler More If I could find this tile, it would all be okay. Maybe not okay right away, but okay someday. Maybe even soon. […]

Tomorrow Will Never Feel As Bad as Today

Get over it. Get over him. You would have broken it off in a month or so anyway, because you are light years beyond him in intelligence, looks–everything. You were just married too long. Now, you are acting like a teenager, which is understandable, because you were married for so long. Hey, chalk it up […]

Daddy’s Girl

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The three were beautiful people, you could just tell. A stylishly thin, elegant woman in her late 50s, work done on her face, for sure, but almost good enough not to be obvious. Her highlighted blonde hair only showed the merest streak of uncolored gray, which, in a way, provided natural highlights. An animated but […]

Goin’ to Cinci

I called my girlfriend and asked her to meet in town for one glass of wine. “I can’t just be home and stare at my walls.” “Of course,” she said. We had two glasses of wine and split a fruit and cheese platter and then decided to go to the bar we love at the […]

Blame It on the Lizards

Rouletta has gone insane. I cannot go a block into our daily walks without her lunging after lizards. She hurls herself into the air, twists her sausage-like body into a double corkscrew, and spirals forward after these elusive yet plentiful-by-the-hundreds creatures that scurry across the steamy concrete pavement. This drives me insane. More than a […]

Sunday that Should Have Sucked

Sundays usually suck. They begin early and always end late. Always. Because I work Sunday nights, I know this first-hand. Sunday night is the dues-paying night. We are the newbies on the floor, the rookies working the door. We are the fill-ins because my poor GM just needs a night off. I am fine with […]

Sometimes, Music Says It Best

It is Saturday night. I am off. I am hanging out with the pup. Alone. I have visited Mr. Fabulous and done my laundry two days ahead of time. I have grocery shopped. I have cleaned my apartment. I am sunburned from earlier hours spent sleeping on the beach. I have done everything I can […]