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Ode to Coletta

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She was long and sleek, but her legs were thin, almost spindly, and her eyes were too small to notice. Her body was her best trait, in all its shiny brownness. When I first saw her, I thought she was dead. But upon closer inspection, I realized she was simply taking a rest outside my […]

So Very Tired

I was so tired, I fell asleep sitting in my car at the car wash today. I woke up just as fast as I fell, much in the same way you nod off on a plane, when your head snaps down and up before you realize you were even asleep. I was so tired at […]

The Accidental Wedding

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“Are you here alone?” asks the chef who works aboard a zillion-foot-long and equal amount of money’s-worth yacht. I have never seen this yacht nor met the owner, nor will I ever. But I do know that this chef has a staff that includes two sous chefs. As boat jobs go, I am guessing this […]

Fresh Air

Because my landlord let himself into my apartment yesterday, I am letting fresh air in through the open windows in every room of my apartment tonight. My landlord came in yesterday with no notice, even though he is supposed to give me 24 hours of such notice. He came in like the secretive snake that […]