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RG Sing Along

A fellow blogger keeps urging his readers to do the iPod shuffle meme–put the iPod on shuffle and write down the next 12 or so titles that come up. A variation I’ve seen is to have the song titles answer a set of questions in the order they appear. So, while I wait for the […]

How Quickly They Annoy

( Guests )

At first: The beautiful girl arrives before her date. My hosts and I wonder how we can copy her hair style, her shoes, her dress–her very essence. Her date arrives. He is the handsome equivalent of this beautiful girl. She is coy. He is smitten. They talk, they laugh. He casually touches her arm. She […]

Wither Dance the Oats?

“You will never know,” advised a boy about my life’s entire future, a boy whom I had just met, “Unless you sow some wild oats.” This was back in October. He was/is married, interested in me only for my story because, he said, it sounded so familiar. He had once been separated for a year […]

Off to See Mickey and Minnie

That’s right, RG Daughter is here. And you know what that means…. Even the dog is going to Walt Disney World with us. She will be staying in a luxury kennel and likely will never want to come home. Back on Sunday, when it’s back to work. Happy weekend to all.

Girls’ Just Wanna Survive

“Are you using that ashtray?” asks the nondescript blonde sporting a conservative short haircut and so-so highlights. I reach over my glass of wine and place the dirty glass bowl in front of her. I am not really annoyed, but I know I come across that way. “Sure. All yours.” Because it is past midnight […]


I write about funny and not-so-funny moments in my life. My previous post, “Booty Called” is a perfect example of how a quick exchange between me and a clerk at a pharmacy can make me laugh at the absolute absurdity of it, as well as at the irony of a text message I received later […]

Booty Called

“I’m here to pick up a prescription,” I told the pharmacist–a quintessential SoFla guy if I ever saw one. Tanned. Gold chain. Dark curly hair combed just so with gel. Handsome to somebody. “Over there,” he said, pointing to a register attended by a petit young woman wearing sparkly Dolce & Gabbana-inscribed readers and silver […]

Someday, My Prince…or Not

I am done. I am not writing another word about another person or myself or my life or my restaurant or…. And then I get a call from my crazy friend, who, it turns out, is turning into a nice friend because she is no longer so crazy. As if the night she was her […]

I Had No Idea…

…all of you were out there. I hoped you were, but, well, you never know. Blogging is a solitary pursuit, and the comments from my “regulars” always make me smile. But you never know who else and how many more are actually reading as well. I have to say, I am a bit overwhelmed by […]

When Is It Time?

Is it time to stop when you want to say “F— You!” to comments by a few who just don’t seem to get it? But then you wonder, do they not get it because your writing is somehow flawed? Is it time to stop when the few seem to be the only ones commenting? Is […]