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Across the Street

Across the street is a single-level apartment complex. Complex is the wrong word. It is a handful of apartments that overlook a courtyard with a pool in which no one ever swims. It is almost cute from the outside, in all its pink stucco. Cute, that is, until four police cars swarmed the place one […]

Life’s Drafts Unwritten

It’s funny. I want to make reservations to go to Key West. I can’t wait to go to Key West. But I can’t commit to a date. I know I will go to Key West, sometime in May. But time is a-wasting. And I have no reservations. It’s perplexing. I know, without a doubt, there […]

D.C. Dog Days

It is cooling down after a glorious day of 80 degrees with a slight breeze, low humidity. This type of day occurs very occasionally in D.C.–maybe 14 days out of 352 each year. In South Florida, this is the type of day that occurs for months and months all winter. It is the type of […]

Eight Peacocks Marching

Make that four peacocks and four peahens, but they were very definitely marching down the middle of a busy road that defines one boundary of my eclectic neighborhood. In my neighborhood, I have seen every breed of dog, every color of feral cat, and every type of person wearing all manner of dress. In my […]

Limbo Life

There is a moment, a second, a glimmer of a tiny bit of time that is so fleeting, you may not know it when it is yours to grasp. I am convinced that every person on this earth has this moment. If they are blessed, they know this moment, own it, understand it, and then […]

It’s All About Sex

“What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you?” asks one of our lunch servers. She is in her 20s, has a one-year-old, and is mightily struggling to lose the last 20 pounds of her baby weight in time for the big wedding this summer when she marries the father of the […]


…JAYHAWKS!!!! All pools aside (even though I won mine!!!!) what an incredible game! What an incredible season for both KU football and basketball teams. Thank you, Jayhawks, for making it so much fun. Thank you, RG Daughter for the trip across country that allowed us to find this wonderful school and the cool town of […]

Winners All Around

For two days, I have been writing about hope and leaving behind bad feelings and practicing new beginnings in old places. I am still writing that post. I might actually post it someday soon. But tonight, I must digress. Tonight I must write about picking winners. Being solo, with no one I knew sitting around […]

Week’s End

A huge swim meet is in town. Roving bands of teens and parents and their friends clog the beach sidewalks, each sporting their own light purple or hot pink or deep blue T-shirts emblazoned with logos that shout out pride from small towns from far away that I will likely never visit. Younger siblings tag […]

April Fool

I live in limbo every single day. To stay here, or should I go? To live forever here, or should I only live here the length of my year-long lease? To reclaim my D.C. life, or should I embrace my Florida license plates as permanent? To be single, or should I remember that I am […]