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March Madness Amazement

The “real” pool I am in has 140 folks in it. I got in at the last minute as a nod to the old days in D.C., when I was involved last year. Guess what? Halfway through the Sweet 16, I am in the lead–as I have been since the tourney started! Yeah, that’s right. […]

Wash and Fold

I did something I have never done before. I took my mounds of laundry to Mr. Fabulous as I always do, but rather than shove quarters into multiple machines and kill time watching “The Bachelor” on the tiny TV with fuzzy reception because rabbit ears, not cable, capture a weak signal, I opted for the […]

Welcoming the Madness

Sometimes, a little madness is a good thing. In my case, madness and my incredibly well thought-out brackets (of course Kansas will win it all!) are bringing back some fun. Also in my case, I have dragged my coworker (“Colleges are playing football still?”) and our chef (“You want me to make you an Easter […]

How Far with No Reservations?

The pup and I did what most single girls do on the last night of their work week: We watched an On Demand movie, and on this night it was “No Reservations.” I was prepared to gag at the trying-to-portray-frantic restaurant kitchen scenes, to scoff at the bucolic shots of seemingly tasty family meals, to […]

A ‘Food and Wine’ Moment

Since my girlfriends left on Sunday, I have done absolutely nothing except sleep, work, and limit my alcohol intake. Maybe it was my clarity of mind. Maybe it was boredom. After all the crazy activity when they were here, my social life has kind of stalled. And the TV star hasn’t called, even though he […]

Sleeping it Off

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One of my best blog friends and readers, Kim Ayres, has asked to see photos of the escapades of me and my girlfriends during our “spring break.” Sorry, Kim. Those photos will remain forever locked away on my computer. However, here’s a couple of shots of how the pup felt after a night out with […]

Spring Break 2008

We ate. We drank. We danced. We ate too little. We drank too much. We kept dancing, even when the music stopped. We are pretty sure we didn’t drunk dial, text, or email. We each did something stupid every night, most of which we remembered. We giggled like teenagers. We kissed our dance partners goodnight […]

Half Full, Half in Question

Back in the late ’60s, when the TV show “Laugh In” was in it’s heyday, I was a scrawny middle schooler whom many thought I bore a strong resemblance to a very young and unknown cast member, Goldie Hawn. I was flattered by this, although I also wished they meant that I had her talent, […]