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It curled like a ribbon, wafting upward, moving at its leisure until it was suddenly still, hanging, suspended. I watched the man take another draw on his cigar as he leaned back in his beach chair. I watched the smoke do its dance, again. I hate cigars, and I despised this man for smoking one […]

What If?

“Can you imagine if we worked together every day?” asked one of the managers. It was an odd confluence of schedules that brought together the daytime manager, me, and the GM of one of the others in our group of eateries. On any other day, we might never have crossed each other’s paths, much less […]

Who Will Buy My Sound of Silence?

How much was my not-so-new iPod Nano worth as a loaner on the three-hour flight from Dallas to Fort Lauderdale tonight? Depends. The woman in the row in front of me would certainly have paid me nothing. She had her own noise-cancelling earphones and a fully charged laptop with games galore loaded on it. She […]

Seat for One, Table for 12

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“I got us the last reservation,” RG Daughter told me. “It’s earlier than we normally go out, but this place is supposed to be amazing.” I have been in Colorado for the past few days, a quick trip west to celebrate RG Daughter’s birthday. Amazing restaurant, eh? Of late, I have learned I have to […]

Valentine’s Day Sinners and Saints

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Yeah, I worked today. I worked lunch, and then into dinner because we were short a host. Happily, I didn’t have to work all night. Each one of these were phone calls or in-person interactions today. Here’s to a day all about the love! Sinner–The guy who whined that he had a six-year-old in his […]

Dog Days

My dog makes me have to go home to walk her after a night out. This means my nights out are now necessarily more tame than they used to be. My dog equally loves her crate and her bed, and she knows that the bed is for when I am home with her and that […]

Random Opportunity to Practice

“OH MY GOD!” squealed the tanned, buxom woman with the blondish hair falling haphazardly from its sparkly clip. “Is that really you? OH MY GOD, it is SO GOOD to see you!” With that pronouncement, the woman draped herself around my date, all the while continuing to smile and laugh and coo some more about […]

Off the Schedule

Quick: How do you get a slovenly, lazy, pain-in-the-ass restaurant employee to move on without having to fire him/her? Slowly or not so slowly reduce their days on the schedule. Sit back, wait a few weeks, and voila–bye bye! No pain, no harm, no foul. Thus, I was somewhat shocked when I found my schedule […]

You Better Be Good to Me

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I love Tina Turner–her music, her talent, her story, her strength in the face of so much that challenged it, her ability to craft and embrace her stage personality while always knowing and being who she really is off stage. No matter the depths of her sadness and despair. No matter her self doubts. No […]

Wishing on a Star

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I watched someone have fun at work last night–the kind of fun that is also fraught with headaches, because that’s the kind of fun you have at work when it’s your own place. He had fun even as he had to patiently explain things more than once to his cadre of new hires. Even as […]