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Cheers and Chocolate to My Friend

We share a birthday. You always tell everyone that I am older than you, “By a few hours.” Our kids have been friends pretty much forever; our daughters since age three. We lost touch. We got back in touch just recently. You came to visit me here. I will never forget that. I sent you […]

Stare of the Iguana

“Hey, when we have guests in the dining room, maybe it’s not such a great idea to read the paper.” Blank stare. “Okay,” said the server with a puzzled, you-hurt-me-by-saying-that look. “Hey, when we have guests in the dining room and we are still open for lunch, maybe you should keep your apron on and […]

I Might Get a Dog, Part II

I Might Get a Dog Pros: I would love the companionship a dog provides. I would love to have a dog to run and walk with every day. I would love to take Roulette to the dog park on the beach. I would love to come home after work and have Roulette there to welcome […]

I Might Get a dog

So, what do we think about a three-year-old retired show girl and Boston Terrier named Roulette? I am SO tempted. I will say, one of my guy friends is horrified. Hmm. All comments and opinions welcome.

Orange Bowl Time!

Gotta love those ‘Hawks tonight. RG Daughter and I will be there in fine style on the 50-yard line, thanks to my very cool GM who will despise his KU gift from us (and hopefully won’t care that I am wearing my ‘Hawks T-shirt to work today–under my suit jacket), and my generous pals at […]

Eight 2008 Resolutions I Will Keep, Mostly

I will give my cell phone to the bartender upon entering any establishment at which I plan to drink more than one glass of wine. I will instruct him or her not to give it back to me until my tab is paid and I solemnly swear on the name of my ancient cat that […]