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A Palmetto Bug Comes Calling

I am terrified of cockroaches. Terrified. I have broken leases and moved because of the dreaded things. Of course, that was a thousand years and 25 lifetimes ago when I was a very young single girl fresh out of college. Now, I am an older single girl, but they still make me want to be […]

Doing the Unthinkable

It’s bad enough that I took Rouletta on a dinner date to an outdoor cafe, right? Would you say it’s also ridiculous that she later sat at an outdoor bar with me and the date? Regardless, it was that evening that I noticed she shivers when it gets chilly. So, I did it. I bought […]

What Fries on Friday Really Mean

Fries on Friday mean you have stopped eating fries every day of the week, even every other day. Fries on Friday mean eating fries only on Friday, and your chef is thrilled about your new lease on life. Fries on Friday mean you are slightly hung over from drinks on Thursday night out with someone […]

Adding It Up

Six months into it: My personal life in South Florida: Currently in the tank. Maybe I should have gone on that boat ride, after all. Kids: Excellent. And, yes, this counts for a lot. Job: Huge challenge, now that we are in season. Head spinning, ability to be polite fading fast. No, really, guests have […]

As the Weeds Morph

The phone was ringing and ringing, but every time I answered it, a fax tone blared in my ear. The private room was booked with a party of 26. Twice. No, you don’t understand, I don’t double book! Okay, I did once in D.C., but it worked out. This time I wasn’t so lucky, and […]

When the Money Talks

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“He’s worth millions and millions, you know.” That’s nice. He’s almost old enough to be my father. “He wants to fly you down to the islands on his plane next week. You would stay on the yacht, attend several parties with him. That’s all. You would, of course, have your own stateroom. Do you think […]

Server Repair

No, not the lunch staff. The server that brings RG to you is in dire need of extensive maintenance. Thus, my site will be down for most of Saturday, and possibly into Sunday morning. But I have a couple of posts I am working on for Sunday night, so please come back then! Happy weekend […]

Talk Me Down from the Cliff Where the Seasonal Birds Roost

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“So, how are we doing now?” asks my GM when he knows I am on the edge. I usually want to slap him when he says these words. Today, I wanted to tell him how awful it was. But he had his own awfulness to deal with. So I dealt with it on my own […]

Baby on My Shoulder

When you hold a baby over your shoulder, your shoulder aches. Even a 10-pound, 7-week-old baby is heavy, when you hold her over your shoulder. When you hold a baby over your shoulder, you are instantly transported back 19 years to the last time you held a baby of your own over your shoulder, and […]

Blurred Lines

Three girls: One with a new baby who was desperately sought, and who is now loved equally as much as she is driving her parents crazy with incessant crying. “Some days I wonder, what have I done?” says this new mother. One is recently divorced, her young marriage gone bad in the usual way that […]