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Best South Florida Lines of 2007

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“You must be a real loser if you’re hanging out here all night.” This little ditty from the charming chap from Estonia who was miffed when my friend and I turned down his invitation to attend “a sex party with lots of sex, yes?” with him. “Thank you so much for accepting this dance with […]

The List

Every year, the Washington Post (and I am sure every other publication in the world) publishes a year-end list of what is in, what is out. Last night, upon returning to Palm Tree-ville after a few days in cold and rainy D.C., my crazy friend and I made our lists over dinner and a couple […]

‘Tis the Most Wonderful Time…

* Today marked the busiest lunch ever, I think, for my restaurant. Working it were several veteran servers, one newbie, me, and my daytime assistant who can also work the floor as backup help. We rocked. We really did. I thanked everyone, personally, for getting it done and making us all look like we’d done […]

Let’s Make That Deal For Real

At 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, I was rooting the Redskins to victory and leaving the sports bar with a single wine spritzer under my belt. My biggest concerns at that moment? Two: that the Giants would pull it out, again; incredulity and annoyance that one of the stupidest bartenders I’ve ever regularly over-tipped despite her […]

I’m Back with the Best of What I Can Get

Random Guest Compliments: “I love the food here.” “The scenery’s not bad either.” “Yeah. I definitely come here for the scenery.” Should I be offended that I am considered scenery? In my way, I am. In my way, I am not at all. Work Friends: “Hey, RG, you look incredible, baby, as always. What’s up?” […]

Blogger’s Night Out

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I did something this past Sunday night that I have never done before. And, I will admit, I did it rather poorly. I attended a gathering of South Florida bloggers at a dinner hosted by the very gracious Gus Moore of Miami Beach 411. How and why I snagged a spot on the guest list […]

You’re From D.C.?

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Is everyone who is visiting here from D.C.? What are the odds that this keeps happening? To the front office guy who called from D.C.: I would love to book the pro athletes you represent, the ones whom only I would know and appreciate, except–and this so pains me to say it–the private rooms are […]

Dear Diary

Thank God 10th grade is finally over! I ate too much fast food (why are fries the best?), I know I drank too much (my fake ID is awesome!), and the boys I went out with–well I had a little too much of them, too. Not that 10th grade wasn’t fun. It was SO fun. […]

The Best Days of Whose Life?

Remember hearing that phrase about the high school years, those whacky teen times? Or about college? Or about your 20s? Maybe even your 30s? Hell, hearing them about any time in your life when you figured that the “these-are-the-best-days-of-your-life” sentiment must apply to everyone else but you, because the so-called “best days” were actually an […]

Actually, I’m Busy

Something odd happened this weekend. I had things to do, people to see. I was busy…two nights in a row. Me. The queen of alone time in my apartment. The queen of very alone at the regulars’ place I no longer feel a need to patronize, even once a week. Would that really be me? […]