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One Potato, Two Potato

This could have been the post about the lunch shift from hell–the shift when a loaded tray of beverages gets dumped on the most easy-going of our regulars, who tells you and everyone that he is fine and almost jokes about it, then cancels his large dinner “because of the incident.” This could have been […]

Florida Resident Perks

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With a discounted annual pass in my wallet, a wad of cash from tips, and my first two full days off in a while, I decided to take myself to the “happiest place on earth.” You know, to be happy. Mostly, I ate, because as those who know me know, I am a grazing fool […]

Why, RG, Why?

“I don’t get why you are doing this.” “Of all the other jobs you could have taken, with your writing and editing skills, why a restaurant job?” “…it’s time for you to stop thinking about yourself, get off your ass, and redirect your focus.” Welcome to the whacky world of RG comments and email: the […]

After All

After you have taken a risk in your personal life and shared a simple kiss with a man whom you will likely not see again–someone who is not the man to whom you have been married for multiple decades and who was previously the only man you had kissed in those multiple decades, after you […]

DC vs. South Florida: Weathering the Storm

Over the past two days, I have been struck by how at home–and how not–I feel during the threat of bad weather, thanks to a guy named Noel. DC: Weather forecast for possibility of snow a week out. Stores run low on milk and eggs and chips the next day. Video stores are inundated. Here: […]