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What Were We Thinking?!

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A great day began with lunch yesterday: After a a few hours at the beach, we had that nice, but quiet dinner. All good, but we decided to hop a cab and go someplace a little more “lively.” That we ended up where we did is at once hilarious and horrifying. Meet our bartenders: My […]

Saturday Night’s All Right

Shhh. I am almost afraid to say it, for fear it might go away. I am off tonight, off on a Saturday night. I know! But, well, it’s my birthday and my GM is a nice guy, and I now have a Saturday to add to my usual Sunday and Monday off. My Wonderful Friend […]

Just A Hostess

Yes, yes, I love my job. Yes, yes, I love everyone I work with. Yes, yes, it’s all perfect. Everyone is just super. 🙂 Oh, please. Really. After almost three months here, um, no. 90 percent is great, 10 percent is not so great. Now, that ratio is still pretty damn decent. But the 10 […]

Guess Who I Heard From?

I was going to rant about some mundane stuff at work, when I the first thing I saw on my computer after I got home from work was a note in my inbox from a voice from the past. What a pleasant surprise! I am sure he won’t mind my sharing his story, as only […]

Nine Lives

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Take one night, add 12 hours on either side of it, never lose focus on the point of it all–to savor enormous quantities of food–and voila, so many lifetimes, lived to their fullest. Lifetime one: Hug Mr. Restaurant Gal, holding on to him for dear life, not looking back, and pretending there is no tomorrow. […]