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Night Ride

The beauty of uncertainty –KT Tunstall Sometimes, nothing–not one thing–plays out as I am so certain it will. Sometimes, I defer to the uncertainty and say, “Hmm. I guess that was the outcome that was supposed to be.” Sometimes, I put a choke hold on the outcome that I want, insist should be, only to […]

I Have Not Gone Away

I have been working a lot of hours, a lot of days in a row, with a uncertain end to the madness, during one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. The best news? RG Daughter and RG Son are in town for the weekend. Although I am working, having them here, watching […]

Single Sunday

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“It’s good to get out.” –My Wonderful Friend “I was separated from my wife for almost a year. Maybe it was only eight months. But I got the single-guy thing out of my system. Now…you, know, it’s okay.” –A coworker “You’ll know, when you know.” –A special friend Exile. I really need to thank the […]

Stone Crabs-in-a-Barrel Days

In my previous life, as many of my readers know, I worked for a magazine as a writer and managing editor. THE Editor, my boss, adored me as an employee for the first year. I worked long hours, got the magazine back on its monthly publishing schedule, and fretted over every tiny detail. During that […]

A Short List of Unoriginal Things to Do in a Restaurant

( Guests )

I haven’t vented about guests in a while, mainly because I like our guests here in paradise (I know, call me…whatever). On the other hand, a minority few inspire the following observations about how not to be original in a restaurant: –Make a reservation for 7 people, show up with 12, and complain about having […]

Just Wondering

Why is it, on someone’s last night, you finally figure out how to work together, laugh together, and have the best night, ever? Why doesn’t that happen on, say, your 23rd night working together? Good luck at your next place, beloved co-worker. I am dreading breaking in the new recruit.

Uh Huh

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“He don’t like her going out, you know, like she’s single,” said the uniformed security guard as she leaned her elbow on the glass counter top of the jewelry case. “Uh huh. I know. And I told her that, too,” said the sales clerk standing behind the glass counter top of the jewelry case that […]

Clothes Make This Gal

Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to […]

Mysterious Dating

When I was in high school, actually a boarding school, we weren’t allowed to go out much. The day students led seemingly normal lives of cookouts and parties and shopping trips with moms. We boarders had housemothers who drank multiple bottles of vodka to forget about us and a our penchant for convincing them we […]

The Best

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My best sister-friend from Montana and I go back a long time–to a time when we were too young to drive, and when we worked together at a drug store lunch counter serving up crab cakes and ice cream to watermen and local politicians in a town that hadn’t yet hit the tourism jackpot on […]