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Eggshells and Game Faces

I really like my current job. All else in my life may be in flux, up in the air, in question; but not my job. As I have said before, it combines all the tasks I have ever wanted to do in this business. I really like my GM. I have worked for my share, […]

Vicarious Eating

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“You are not going to talk about what you are eating for dinner next weekend, again, are you?” asked the assistant manager with whom I now always work the door in the evenings since the latest host vanished, leaving just the two of us. “I am, and I will, until I decide what I am […]

Lex and Jali

Riding the Train Backward

I have left South Florida twice since I moved here two-and-a-half months ago. This has caused commenter Joe in Vegas to wonder how come I go on vacation so much. Ha! No worries Joe: The first break was to take RG Daughter back to school–a literal drive across country, and although I wouldn’t undo one […]

Georgia on My Mind

I am winging my way north to Atlanta tomorrow to visit Jali’s House (see my blogroll)! Okay, not her actual house, but I am visiting Jali in person, and hopefully her pal Lex, both of whom frequently comment on RG. Honestly, I feel like I am going to get together with girlfriends I already know, […]

Happy Birthday

Birthdays are the epitomy of strange days, in their way. When you are a kid, they are the one day guaranteed to be filled with wonder and delight and me-only attention. Unless you are a kid in a large blended family, and mostly your birthday gets remembered at the last minute, say at dinner when […]

Look at Them

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“There’s a couple for you. Look at them!” laughed one of the assistant managers. “Ha! Yeah, right. I’d say they’re…” kidded the other, but he stopped when he saw me watching them. The married one of the two looked around to see who else was listening, then dipped his head and mumbled something else about […]

What I Didn’t Post Today

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At 9 a.m. Saturday morning, I was going to write my Sunday post about how terrible I felt. How sad, how homesick, how blah, blah, blah. At 11 a.m. Saturday morning, I was going to write my Sunday post about how much progress I had made on my hurricane preparedness, having bought some water and […]

What’s in Your Car Trunk?

Here’s what’s always in mine: So I can always go here: Happy weekend everyone. More stories to come soon.

Best Way to Beat the Blues

Having hit an unexpected low, I am putting the following plan into motion tomorrow: Get up early enough to have good light to snap a few photos on my walk/run. I promise to share. Go to the beach. Stay there, with a thick book (“I Am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe) and plenty of bottled […]