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Just a Game

“Jesus, these glasses are always everywhere! Whose are they, anyway?” asked one of the managers working the door. “You know those are mine! For reading, remember?” I said, with just a hint of a smile, because I was 90 percent sure he was kidding. “Don’t you ever wear them? They’re always laying around right in […]

Three Weeks…Or Is It a Month…or More?

They are tired of me. Tired of hearing about my plight on my own. Tired of hearing about my plight with landlords and bugs and other landlords who couldn’t care less. “Will you join us at the Oceanside Bar?” No, because you are tired of my story. You say you aren’t, but I can see […]

Goodbye El Guapo

One of the best bloggers out there announced he is done. That’s it. No more posts. Just like that. I have no idea what happened, but I am more than a little sad about it. When times were good and not so good, I could always check in with El Guapo in D.C. to see […]

Shit Fest ’07

Starring, first, The Cable Company! “Ma’am, can I be honest with you?” Sure. That would be refreshing. “I don’t think the technician is going to show up this evening.” No? Really? “The next available time for a technician is five days from now.” Well, that is impossible. I am working the next seven, maybe nine, […]

Thank You Note

My GM single handedly helped me move to my new apartment, because he knew I didn’t know a soul who could help me. He even rented a van to more efficiently haul my stuff, and it still took three trips. He said he had a credit with the rental company due to a previous clerical […]


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I brought candy to work. I ate some, and I offered to share. My offer was declined. So I ate it all myself. I got off work early, so I went to my favorite bar. This would be the only place I feel comfortable going to alone, so by default it is my favorite. On […]

Kiss, Kiss…Love Ya!

( Guests )

He was older. So was she. Not elderly. Rather, simply past middle age. His gray hair fell in soft waves around his collar. Her auburn hair looked almost natural, both in its color and curls. He was tall. So was she. But she was also wearing three-inch patent leather high heels that matched her dress. […]