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Cincinnati was a lot of fun for a night out. Great Bistro dinner. As we walked through downtown, I couldn’t resist these lights. Driving 70 West through the heartland can be a bit tedious. Thus, we stopped a lot! No, we didn’t actually eat at this spot, but the name and neon was enough to […]

Road Trip

Sure, we could ship her car. Of course, she could fly there. Instead, RG Daughter and I have decided a mother-daughter bonding experience via a road trip is in order. Thus, tomorrow we embark on a three-day overland haul to Colorado. First stop, Ohio to see RG Son. Second stop, somewhere in Kansas (we’ll know […]

Another ‘First’ Day

Today’s top moments, in absolutely no order: * I opened and managed the lunch shift on my own today for the first time. * Everyone was fed lunch, no one complained, and I didn’t screw up too much, except I forgot to turn off the music between shifts. Oh, and one Micros report stumped me […]

My Peeps

( Guests )

At first, it was just a group of four gentlemen in suits. “We have a private party in one of your rooms,” said one. “The others are on their way. They will be here in five minutes or so,” said another. I considered their neatly combed hair, and very much noticed their subdued red and […]

Noted With Incredulity

( Guests )

A guest swatted me on my behind with a menu tonight. I had shown the party of five to their table and handed out menus. One gentleman laughed and said, “Hey sweetheart, I want to order from the lunch menu, instead!” This wasn’t a particularly funny or witty comment, but he intended it as such, […]

It’s Official

“You better get there 15 minutes before they open, RG,” warned one co-worker. “Bring a book and a magazine, maybe a crossword, too,” counseled another. “Just wait,” laughed a third. They were all, to a person, dead wrong. Time it took several years ago to surrender my Maryland driver’s license and obtain a D.C. driver’s […]

Why? Seriously, Why?

( Guests )

I drink cheap wine. I would like to drink better wine. Hell, I would like to drink incredible wine. I drink cheap wine because that’s what I can afford, and sometimes, as is the case with a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, I actually prefer it (the hint of grapefruit makes it a favorite). I […]

On Gaining Perspective from an Email

My writing has been full of woe, of late. Mostly, it has centered around the transitions resulting from my life’s challenges in a new town, a new apartment, a new job. Mostly it has focused on the bad and the sad and the not-quite-right. If pressed, I would have to say I have only had […]

When the Fog Begins to Lift

When you get a good night’s sleep–and by this I mean a no-waking-up-at-four-in-the-morning-for-two-hours-of-worrying sleep–your over-loaded, short-circuiting brain begins to calm down, and you realize the following at the end of the two-shift day after a good night’s sleep: * You know more than you thought you did as you worked to accomplish semi-familiar tasks during […]

Mr. Fabulous

I have a new man in my life. I have to drive to his place to see him, but it’s worth it. When I get there, he does my laundry. All of it. Every last sandy beach towel. And this morning, he welcomed me without hesitation. I knew today would be a tough one. RG […]