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When Did We…?

Me, laughing: So, when exactly did we start accepting, much less doing, shots in a bar? My Wonderful Friend, laughing: When you made the decision to live on your own. Me, smiling: Are we having fun, you know, doing the shots? My Wonderful Friend, smiling: I think so. Are you? Me: Ask me in three […]

My Life in Stuff I Have Packed

Sand dollars I collected as a child on Orcas Island, plus a few more that my best sister-like friend from Montana gave me. These have always seemed magical to me, in their grainy roundness with the perfectly etched designs on top. I have moved them with me, unbroken as of yet, since I was 8 […]

What Not to Say, What to Say

I have put off telling all but a few close, close friends about my impending move. I don’t have the energy nor the inclination to explain something I can barely explain myself. Then I posted the news on my blog. Then I figured I better tell my once close but now distant friends what was […]

Alone or Lonely?

“Is anyone joining you this evening?” I hear the host ask the guest who has just approached the podium. “No, table for one. Just me,” he tells her. Book in hand, the guest sits at the deuce as the host clears away the extra place setting. He quickly opens his book, and he reads. It […]