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Nice Girl/Good Girl

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“Kara, you’re a good girl, you know that?” the regular asked the cute, young bartender, who appeared a tad confused. “Huh?” “Do you know the difference between a good girl and a nice girl?” he asked her, smiling. “Um…” she answered like all good bartenders should, when not sure where a conversation is headed. Oh […]

D.C. vs. Here

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D.C.: Business casual during the week, including collared golf shirts and khakis for men, and slightly more cute, conservative tops for the women in their khakis–skirts or pants. Here: Interesting casual all the time, including flip flops on men wearing khakis and flowing linen shirts, and women wearing tops plunging way past there. To work? […]

Pinch Me

I found a great apartment today, even better than I expected. And yes, it is as funky and as non-luxurious a place as this Gal could want. I can walk to the beach, or I can just stare at the waterfront. I am in heaven with this. Work continues to feel okay. In fact, I […]

On Being the New Girl

I usually detest the first two weeks at any job. I grit my teeth and will them to be over and done with, knowing I will feel so much more comfortable at the end of them. I count on making my share of mistakes, and I fully take advantage of the very slim window that […]

First Real Day at Work

It didn’t suck. It was actually okay. Work was definitely the highlight of the past 10 days. I like those I worked closest with, I made some mistakes, I didn’t beat myself up about the mistakes. Finally, something feels right. A lot still feels wrong, but this one tiny part was just fine.

Dear Mr. Panera

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Dear Mr. Panera Bread, First, I want to thank you for providing free wi-fi in your eatery. Unlike Mr. Cable and Mr. Landline/DSL, who can’t seem to deliver the goods they promise, you alone have allowed me to once again have contact with my blog, my email, my online life. I wish I could properly […]

Dance Party for One

I am living in a partially furnished, temporary rental. I could live here for the next month. I could move next week. I could linger here for a year. I have no idea how long I will be here, but I am grateful for the place to rest my head each night, and for the […]

Diary of a Fish Out of Water

Monday I walked to the beach today–that was good. I saw an angry man almost run over his girlfriend in the 7-11 parking lot near the beach–that was definitely not good. I saw a three-legged dog on a walk with its owner–I wasn’t sure if that was good or not. I saw the crazy lady […]

Guest Post from a Boy Friend

I will be offline until later in the week. As I hit the highway south, enjoy this post from someone to whom I am most beholden, and who is almost ready to admit he is as addicted to the restaurant biz as I am–if he would only give up that pesky day job! My thanks […]

Last Days in D.C.

Things you find out on your last day at work: –The reservationist who trained you on the phones and Open Table is a life saver when it comes to figuring out how to rent a car for a month–especially when it involves a one-way rental. You always liked her. Really liked her. You just never […]