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Gone for this Week

My beloved grandmother died quite suddenly this evening. Thus, I am out of town for this upcoming week to travel west to support my aunt and celebrate this unbelievable woman’s life. I can only hope to be as independent as she was when I am her age–living in my own house, on my own, and […]

My Writing Vacation In Scotland

A friend of mine in the restaurant industry says he has this unfounded fear: “When I unlock the doors, I am terrified that no one is going to show.” This will never happen to him, I am quite sure. I understand that momentary, almost paralyzing fear, however. For me, it’s a fear I have about […]

Where the Hell are My Shrimp?

( Guests )

Ah, the cater out. Kind of like a carryout order, only bigger and certain to bring out the bravado in everyone. “Call Judy the minute you get in. She says it’s urgent,” read the sticky note placed smack in the middle of my computer monitor. Lovely. First thing? On a slightly chilly Monday? Judy is […]

Perfect Place to Drown ‘Em

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Tough week for me. Tough week for my Wonderful Friend. Hadn’t met up for drinks in a while, so we met an hour later than we’d planned because she was stuck in hours-long traffic out in God’s country, where she works. Like I said, a tough week for all. We met in a neighborhood we […]

Love Letter

Some days are just bad. They start out as horrible, they continue as awful, and they don’t stop pounding at you, even when you go to sleep that night, because you wake up two hours later and don’t sleep at all after that. Then it is 6 a.m. and you figure you might as well […]

In the Moment

The subway is relatively quiet at this time of night–the time after the 4-to-8 p.m. rush, but before the post-arena crowd descends or the bars close, hours later. Most of us riding at this hour have worked well into the evening, and we are content to fold our arms and sink alone into our tired […]

Guest Post From El Guapo in DC

“What in the name of Goya…?” That one phrase, from a single post more than a year ago, hooked me for good to El Guapo in DC. Along with some very fine writing. Hilarious, poignant, to the point, heartfelt–I adore this glorious Guatemalan’s stories about his neighborhood, his quest for love, his job, his family, […]

Private Event Mysteries Exposed!

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“I just looked at your private event information online. You’re joking, right?” asked the young woman who didn’t sound like she was laughing. “I’m sorry?” I responded, not sure what supposed punch line she thought I had uttered. “The room fee. You’re joking. As much money as you will make off of me, you’ll ding […]

1,000 Words

Happy Graduation, Best Baby Boy

I was sure I was having a girl. That’s all we ever had in my family–girls. Turned out, he was the best baby boy in the world. I sang a made-up song to him to that effect. And I took him everywhere with me–to publishing clients, to editorial offices, to typesetting shops. He was the […]