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Thanks to My Across-the-Pond Pals

When I receive notice of a ping back, I brace myself. Most times, I delete these odd ping backs from my blog’s comments because I don’t want to promote someone’s scented candle business–and such…. This morning however, I found an interesting site called “Post of the Week” linked to my post about finding my father. […]

I Would Love to Be Where You Are

“But we can’t stand that bartender,” said my friend, when I suggested a spot for our regular get-together. “Yeah, well, it’s still happy hour there,” I said looking at my watch. If we walked really fast, found a couple of bar stools, and ordered before we hung up our coats and purses, we could still […]

Note to the Angels: Tell My Dad I Send Love

Sometimes life’s early paths are so tangled up, you wonder how you eventually emerged on the other side of it all. What follows is a story that has very little to do with restaurants, but everything to do with me and who I am. I have written about my stepfather in previous posts, and my […]