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Life’s a Beach

I am a sucker for an airport gift shop. What better way to fill the yawning hours pre-flight after disrobing in front of hundreds of strangers and emerging disheveled and hastily dressed on the other side of a TSA security area? An airport gift shop offers a quick look at what’s “local,” which usually involves […]

Tell Me When You’re Coming To My Place…

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“…I want to make sure you are treated well,” said the GM who had hired me, but for whom I had not gone to work five months ago. But over these five months months, we had bonded over a few phone calls about the larger private parties he wanted to book at my place, and […]

But I Only Got the Soup…

“I didn’t drink anything but water.” “I never eat dessert.” “I would have preferred the house wine.” Oh, shut up! Only kidding. Not really. Brave Astronaut, who has a fun blog about food and other interesting stuff, addresses an appetite-suppressing issue we all dread when dining out with a crowd–how to properly split the check: […]

It’s Always Been Right There

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No, I had never been to this place before. I had never been to this restaurant that shares my age, but which has seen far more history unfold before its plate glass windows than my eyes will ever see in a lifetime. My kids have each been there dozens of times, frequenting the place throughout […]

Coffee Break

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“What’s wrong with the coffee drink?” I looked around. Oh, you’re talking to me? “You, what’s wrong with the drink?” I glanced down at my now-empty tall drip. I used to get the mocha this and the caramel that all the time. But of late, they seem too sweet, too heavy–and they take too long […]

Playing in the Sandbox

An interesting blogger, whom I have just discovered, describes the “family” aspect of working in a restaurant. He remarks how it sometimes takes a few months for a worker to be truly accepted. I know this all too well. I have been a golden girl at most every place I’ve worked, until now. Here, I […]

Show Time

You face a daunting week of several doubles and handling a couple of big-time events for the first time since you were hired. You are uneasy, uncertain. And totally on your own. You kind of freak out as you share these fears with a couple of friends who are likely becoming bored to tears by […]

Unintentional Adultery En Route to Work

He really wasn’t that attractive. Cute enough, but maybe a decade too old. But he stood so close to me, I couldn’t help but inhale his subtle cologne. At first, he kept his distance, standing three inches away. By the next stop, however, his arm brushed my shoulder, and I as I turned to let […]

But It’s Only Carryout

You didn’t sit down. You weren’t served, in the traditional restaurant sense. Your food, however, was delivered to you from a human. True, the food might have been wrapped in a plastic bag. It might have been encased in styrofoam. With luck, it came hot and steaming and seemed almost fresh from an insulated carrier. […]

Salmon, Not Crab Cakes!

At the end of the day, and, frankly, in the middle of it, getting through the day is all about the details. The details you remembered, the details you almost remembered, the details you put on the back burner in the midst of a zillion phone calls and emails that gobbled up the rest of […]